Monthly Archives: October 2011

just another Saturday afternoon

So the kiddos have been up at my parents house for a couple of days while I’ve been working on a big project and Bob was at a continuing education class. The plan originally was for me to go with him, and then we’d go to Napa afterwards, but instead, I got to stay home […]

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  I’m a blog reader. I find it relaxing and I’m one of those people who love to ‘see’ how other people live. I think my favorite blogs are the ones that have tons of photos because sometimes I don’t have time to actually read. Sometimes I just want to look at pretty pictures (which […]

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How This Came To Be

On one random day when I was a young teenager, I was with my Aunt and we were looking at some old photos of her. She commented on how she didn’t think she had aged one bit … and that she looked and felt exactly as she did when she was 19. I distinctly remember […]

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